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What is in a candle? That is a question some people ask and never find an answer to. Why do people burn them and is there a way of doing it right? At Vibe Candle that is what consumes us. It is our bane and reason for operation. We give a lot of thoughts others wouldn't on the burning process. We have dedicated ourselves to finding the right way to burn candles, and with a few tricks, you too can be very skilled at doing it. After you have learned, you can burn your new Vibe Candle the right way.

Image by Soroush Zargar
Image by lucas mendes


Most people don't know what this means, but at Vibe Candles we do. Memory burn refers to as the first time you light a candle. You should burn the candle for one hour to give it a good burn. Burning every inch of its diameter will ensure that the wax to has a greater reach outside the perimeters of the candle and also prevent it from burning only around the middle. After this period you extinguish the flames from your candle to let it cool off.


 Your wick should be trimmed at a particular measurement which is 1/4. This is because it will help your candle in burning clean and without smoke. It will also give your candle the best wick length which helps the scent. While the wick is lit do not try to trim it. You should extinguish the flames and let the melting cool off completely, trim to 1/4 before re-lighting the wick.  It applies to all candles, and it is something that holds true.

Image by Paolo Nicolello
Image by Joyce G


Letting the debris gather after melting shouldn't be allowed. The candle can smoke if trims from the wick and the debris form in the melting. Take the flames out, allow the melt to cool off and then take away the waste. Should your candle emit smoke despite trimming and checking the debris then, it is best to extinguish the flame immediately.

When you extinguish the flames, trim the wick again and allow to cool before you light it. That should stop the smoking. Smoking doesn't occur when you use a quality candle although it is worth noting that scented candles do smoke more than the unscented ones.

Sometimes when a scented candle is burned the wick gets mushrooms and when this happens just take it as a note to trim the wick. 

There should be room for the candle to breathe. Give it space, so it doesn't get choked so always burn your candles where there is space preferably a big room as that will help with smoking.


When you blow a candle, the wax tend to move everywhere and spread from the little air generated which will cause the candle to Smoke and drip. Using a candle snuffer is the most efficient way of extinguishing the flames of a candle and should you not own one then the best way is to use your forefinger as a barricade before you blow. This trick will ensure that the air comes from the sides instead of the meeting the flames directly.

Image by Yogesh Pedamkar
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