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Mission Statement
Our mission is to maintain a candle business that will not only meet the needs of our customers but intrigue potential customers as well. Ultimately, the mission of Vibe Candle
is to become the recognized leader for having an expansive inventory of candles, home care items, supplies and other home comfort items.

​      Today we stand ready to offer unique capabilities as a fully integrated candle maker of branded, private label, specialty candle products. We also offer the most comprehensive selection in town and on eCommerce. By offering premium quality candles at affordable prices. Our candle making business is growing and we have created a legacy that has made us uniquely stand out from our competitors. Asides from manufacturing candles we also carry out sales of our candles. Vibe Candle isn't just growing because of the favorable economy, it’s the fact that our candles aren’t considered expensive by consumers while still providing premium quality.



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